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Unsend iMessage iOS 16How to edit or unsend an iMessage on iOS 16 | Apple Support receives some helpful changes. The capability to delete messages sent to an iPhone is one of the intriguing features. Follow along to get a practical understanding of how the feature functions, its limitations, and what it’s like for the person on the other end.

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With iOS 16, Apple’s Messages app gets a few additional features. The three main ones are the ability to modify iMessages, totally unsend complimentary messages, and mark texting as unread. We’ll concentrate on how to cancel an iPhone iMessage below. We also have a thorough explanation of how to alter an iMessage:

Unsend a Message iOS 16

You can cancel it up to two minutes after sending a message.

Tap Undo Send after touching and holding the conversation bubble.

Both the recipient’s and your conversation transcripts have a note stating that you unsent the message.

The message will be deleted from the recipient’s device if they use an iOS 16 or later smartphone.

The original message stays in the discussion if the person you’re messaging uses a device running iOS 15.6 or earlier, iPadOS 15.6 or earlier, macOS 12 or earlier, or is using SMS. You are informed that the receiver may still see the original comment in the text transcript when you Unsend a message.

How do you edit a message you send on an iPhone?

Follow these steps if you want to update a message, whether it’s to rectify a typo or the restaurant where you’re asking someone to meet you.

  • Send a text message to an iPhone user first.
  • Tap the message you just sent and hold it.
  • Select Edit
  • Your iPhone’s text needs to be updated.
  • Click the text’s blue check mark.
  • The recipient will not see the original message but will notice a note that you altered the text.

Note: You must use iMessage with iOS 16 or later to Unsend or edit text messages. Follow-up messages are sent to your recipients with the prefix “Edited to,” your new message is enclosed in quotation marks if their devices run an earlier version of iOS. Unsent or modified SMS messages are not possible.

Unsend iMessage iOS 16

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