The upcoming Legend of Zelda Game is Releasing in May 2023

Legend of Zelda game

The upcoming Legend of Zelda game is releasing in May 2023! Here we share, how to book it, and what it’ll cost. It has been 6 years since the release of the game The Legend of the Gender, which is currently ruling the world of knowledge. Along with some of his other memorabilia like Nintendo, and Tears of the Kingdom, it has been four years since they came out.

But the game is re-launching on 12th May 2023 with a new update. And told those who are new to get ready. During an event last February 4, Nintendo released a brand new video of what they said was a trailer for their game. Also officially launched the advance booking of Tears of the Kingdom. They have brought a new save system and version of this game. Based on the new design in this series, this documentary or trailer has been released. Let’s find out details about 2023’s most anticipated game.

The Legend of Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom Price and advance booking method

Google’s latest updated Zelda game title: Legend of Zelda or Tears of the Kingdom 2023 has been announced for release on Play Store. It will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch. And the business will be kept open for play which has added three new versions.

After all, they hope that the minimum price of Tears of the Kingdom when it comes to the market will be $70. That’s $10 more than any low-end game. They did it with the understanding that this is a standard pricing strategy for major games Nintendo. You can still pre-book this game through the Nintendo e-shop, the official website, and Best Buy websites like Stop.

You will get the physical version of Tears of the Kingdom game by going to GameStop, and Best Buy websites and making an advance booking. And that you have to take on the day of release. Or the company can deliver it to you. Again by pre-booking the game from the shop, you will get the new version or latest update of the game. Which you can do right before the release without waiting for the download.

What is new about Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition?

However, the advance booking of Tears of the Kingdom is closed or not available in the market. Still releasing a new collector’s edition of the game which is priced a little higher. But there is a good reason for this. Because it contains many new things.

What you will get for $129.99, as Collector’s Edition?

  1. “A physical copy of The Legend of Zelda; Tears of the Kingdom.”
  2. “An official Tears of the Kingdom artbook.”
  3. “A Steelbook case.”
  4. “A poster featuring an expanded version of the game’s cover art.”
  5. “Four exclusive pins.”

Without proper evidence, no one can say for sure if the version that Nintendo has released can be pre-booked. However, a tweet from Nintendo and a Best Buy product listing says that it will be released on the same day as the actual game, ie 12023.

Legend of Zelda game

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