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Withings BeamO Review

As recently as last year, Withings announced a gadget that could work like Star Trek, at least one Kelvin time-advanced. Withings BeamO is one of the home checkup devices that can easily track heartbeat and measure ECG along with oxygen saturation.

As we have been looking at these parameters for a long time, the Withings device has also added the capabilities of a modern stethoscope. BeamO can listen to your heart and lungs, becoming the first digital stethoscope on the market.

The device has been provided with a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor or whose smartwatch reveals the results through green and red lights. Watch-like electrodes are used for measuring the ECG, and a digital stethoscope with a piezoelectric disc can pick up acoustic sounds from your lungs and heart.

BeamO by Withings: Bringing A Star Trek Perspective To Your Health Routine:

Unveiled ahead of CES 2024 was Withings’ latest innovation—BeamO, which combines Star Trek’s future vision with state-of-the-art health monitoring technology. The compact and user-friendly device Multiscope enables users to perform a 4-in-1 health check of body temperature, heart, and lung health within a minute.

The device’s versatile capabilities resemble the iconic tricorder from the “Star Trek” series. Both devices epitomize the desire for compact, portable technology capable of various health assessments. However, BeamO represents a practical application of current technology, focusing on accessible and reliable health monitoring for home use, while the tricorder remains a futuristic fantasy.

Scanadu – First Such Attempt:

Initially, in 2012, a device named Scanadu Scout was launched. Later, along with Withings BeamO, it found a portable electronic device. With which various physiological parameters are conveniently designed to be measured.

Temperature, heart rate, blood oxygenation, respiratory rate, ECG, and blood pressure can be checked. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and gains FDA approval for clinical-grade accuracy. It aimed to introduce Scandu Scout as a consumer search engine in early 2015.

However, Scanadu faced challenges in implementing its vision. When the devices started shipping, the company informed its customers that the Scout device would no longer be supported after May 2017, which means that the device will stop working when the support ends.

The decision is part of a company shift, as Scanadu looks to focus on a smartphone-enabled home urine testing platform in 2020, which resulted in a relaunch as inui Health and was later acquired by Israeli healthcare startup

BeamO: Simplifying Home Health Monitoring

Withings has established itself as a pioneer, particularly in wearable and connected health devices. It adds advanced smart scales, unique offers like other devices, and accurate urine analysis. The company’s latest update addition, BeamO, comes when telehealth has been highlighted as an integral part of healthcare, driven by recent global health events.

Withings BeamO 1014: Price & Availability

Already the CES Innovation Award recipient, BeamO is showcased at CES 2024. If you want, the participants of this exhibition are directly observing its state-of-the-art features. ECG has received FDA clearance for its entire functionality. BeamO is expected to hit the retail market in June 2024 for $249.95, making the current state-of-the-art health monitoring technology accessible to consumers.

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