2023 Rune Factory 3: What Fans Want from a New Series

Rune Factory 3

2023 Rune Factory 3: What Fans Want from a New Series! A Fantasy Harvest Moon is the third Rune Factory game released for the Nintendo DS. It combines elements of simulation and role-playing. Marvelous Entertainment released it in Japan on October 22, 2009, in North America on November 9, 2010, and in Europe on September 30, 2011. It is the fourth installment in the Rune Factory series.


The player begins the game as a boy named Micah, as in previous Rune Factory games. He is cared for by Shara in his other appearance as a golden Wooly. In Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, farming, fishing, resource collection, dungeon exploration, and combat are the main game modes. Micah can forge weapons and tools, synthesize medicines and chemicals, create armor and accessories, and tame and use monsters later on in the game.

New dynamic AI, the option to turn into a Wooly, inviting villagers to travel with Micah, and a more fluid battle system are all introduced in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Additionally, a brand-new multiplayer option enables friends to participate in the player’s dungeon expedition.


A golden wooly falls from the sky at the start of the game, landing asleep in front of a flower shop. An unknown child, later identified as Shara, carries the woolly inside and begins to care for it, much to her grandfather’s dismay. The wooly changes into a boy the following morning, and in amazement, he rushes out of the flower shop without remembering his transition or knowing where he is. When he runs outside, he finds a peaceful girl—later identified as Raven—standing in front of the steps leading up to the enormous Sharance Tree. The boy makes an effort to speak with Raven, but she just walks away. The two are however stopped by Shara.

The youngster discovers he has amnesia for the first time during Shara’s encounter with him. Giving himself the name Micah, Shara requests that Raven accompany him to the Share Tree on her behalf. Raven agrees and simply takes him to the house at the center of the tree before departing.

Once more breaking in to stop her from leaving, Shara explains that Micah will now live in the tree house. Micah is initially hesitant to move in but is soon persuaded to do so after being reminded of his amnesia. Then Shara takes him on a tour of the home. Shara reveals that it is the only location in the town where crops can genuinely grow as the three descend to examine the fields at the base of the tree. A hostile Orc suddenly charges at them, and Micah must stop it to save the two girls.

Rune Factory 3

Two Monster

Then, two more monsters attack all of a sudden. Fortunately, Raven had gone to get Gaius, who gives Micah a weapon, enabling him to take them down. According to Shara, the local monsters are often friendly and the community has never experienced any issues with them. Recently, though, there have been reports of a pack of vicious creatures prowling the area and terrorizing locals. Then Micah agrees to Shara’s request to meet everyone in town and provide one item. In order to defeat a raccoon that has been stealing food, he travels to Provera Forest after fulfilling this request.

Micah comes across a memory ball after defeating the raccoon, and touching it helps him regain some of his memory. He recalls that he can change into a golden wooly and that he is a hybrid of a monster and a human. He then makes the decision to conceal his power to morph going forward. Sets out to locate more memory orbs. He travels to the Sol Terrano Desert next, where he meets a sentient race known as the Universe. Micah discovers that formerly, the universe and humans coexisted together until one day, when the humans drove the universe out, sparking animosity on both sides. Micah is fortunate in that he can change into a wooly, which enables him to win over the elder, Kuruna, and the others.

The Skelefang attack the town shortly after, but Micah repels them

After discovering that he was once a town guard, he seeks the following orb. He continues on his trek and arrives in Oddward Valley. Micah learns that a lion has been stealing food after speaking with Carmen, Blaise, and Sakuya. He then decides to go after the lion. Micah finds the third memory orb and discovers that he was pursuing 5 escaped monsters that traveled to Share. That one more is still in Vale River after slaying the lions Crimson and Amaranthine. Micah hears a voice laughing several times after crossing the river.

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