Galaxy S24 One UI 6.1 will have three-layer Battery Protection

One UI 6.1As they hit the market, Samsung Galaxy and tablets come with several new features. Among these new features is likely One UI 6.1 battery protection Samsung. A few days ago, it leaked some of these features to improve a battery health protection system. You no longer have to wait for One UI 6.1 to use these features. This article will discuss what you need to do to access One UI 6.1 battery protection features on phones running One UI 6.0.

How to Download and Install One UI 6.1 Battery Protection Samsung.

According to a report published by Sabrinath Panikken (via YoungVats), the new battery protection features can be enabled through third-party apps. You must download and install the ActivityManager app from the Google Play Store. Easily access One UI 6.1 advanced battery health protection features on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet running One UI 6.0.

One UI 6.1 Battery Protection Samsung Access Process

Search for BatteryProtectionActivity in the installed app and tap on it. Now, you can choose from three options to turn on Battery Protection: Basic Protection, Adaptive Protection, and Maximum Protection. Note that the feature is still half-baked and may sometimes need to be fixed. We recommend testing those new features to see how they work and not rely on them for everyday use.

The Basic Protection feature allows the battery to charge to 100% and stop charging until the charge level drops to 95%. After that, charging will resume, and the same process will repeat until your phone or tablet is disconnected from the charger. This is the most basic form of battery health protection.

If you choose the adaptive protection option, charging will be paused after reaching 80%. It will get 100% just before you wake up. This feature works well in most overnight charging situations and provides moderate protection. It will work properly after the device learns your sleeping habits and usage patterns.

When will One UI 6.1 Battery Protection be Samsung Compatible?

The Galaxy S24 series is expected to come with improved batteries, but it is not limited to that. So, if you’re using an older Galaxy phone, you might as well. If you’re concerned about battery health, these features are for you. We expect the stable form to be available in February or March for most devices compatible with the One UI 6.1 update. However, you won’t be able to get the best possible battery life when you use this feature. However, this is good for long-term battery health.

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