2024 Motorola Roadmap 5G: Price, Release Date & Specs

Motorola Roadmap

2024 Motorola Roadmap 5G: Price, Release Date & Specs! What Motorola Roadmap 2024 Devices Will Be Coming! Reputable source Evan Blass revealed the specifications of the forthcoming Motorola devices in March. The other smartphones planned for release later this year are discussed in Blass’ most recent report, which just surfaced on 91mobiles. The codenames for the next Motorola phones are Victoria, Devon, Tundra, and Maui.

The product roadmap for Motorola through 2024 and beyond has finally been disclosed, thanks to a fresh leak. The Razr 4, the Edge 40 series, and a high-end rollable phone are significant takeaways. Of course, several low-cost and mid-range phones are also in the works.

Although Motorola appears to have concentrated primarily on the mid-range market, the company is also developing many high-end phones. Now that leaker Evan Blass has exposed the company’s hardware roadmap, it may extend beyond 2024 and include some fairly intriguing projects under development.

What Motorola Roadmap 2024 Devices Will Be Coming

Motorola has already announced that the Razr 3 “Maven” and the purported 200 MP Edge 30 Ultra “Frontier” will be sold soon. The probable Razr 4, dubbed “Juno,” which will use a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and a 165 Hz display, will succeed the Razr 3 the following year. There is also a rollable device called “Felix,” albeit little is known about that phone.

The Edge 40 series, which will launch in 2024, will include at least two devices: Canyon and Bronco. According to reports, Canyon will sport the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, a 165 Hz display. However, a 50 MP primary camera, a 12 MP telephoto camera, and a 60 MP front-facing camera in 2024. Bronco could come with a 50 MP primary camera, a 16 MP selfie camera, and a 13 MP ultra-wide shooter, along with either a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor.

Motorola Roadmap 2023

Motorola’s gadgets for the remainder of this year are less intriguing. The Moto G32 has a 50 MP camera, a Snapdragon 680, and a 120 Hz FHD+ LCD. The 50 MP camera would be replaced with a 64 MP one, and the Snapdragon 680 would be replaced with a MediaTek chipset in the 5G model, which is also rumored to be in the works. Other modifications are anticipated to be minimal. As mentioned, “Maui” will be a budget-friendly phone with a Helio G37, HD+ LCD, 3 GB of RAM, and a 16 MP primary camera.

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