Google Pixel 9 Pro Battery Life – Full Phone Specifications

The battery is a vital part of Smartphone. Google creates a large Battery here Li-Po 500 mAh. It’s suitable and long-lasting Quality. The Battery is water resistant and also Non Removable. A battery is a source of electrical energy; It consists of a number of electrochemical cells, consisting of a cathode and an anode when it supplies power. A smartphone without Battery, like a machine without oil.

Pixel 9 Pro Battery Life

Here We Discus about Google Pixel 9 Pro Battery Life Full Specification. See below.

  • Type: Li-Polymer
  • Capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Removable: No
  • Quick Charging: Yes, 50W
  • USB Type C: Yes

Which Google phone has the Longest Battery Life?

Google Pixel 9 Pro Battery Life is very long-lasting and state-of-the-art. This battery charges quickly and drains slowly. One full charge of this battery will give you 48 hours of service. If you want to get a longer charging service then you can use battery server apps which will help you easily. This is a good invention of Google for those who want a long-time charging service.

Can Google Pixel 9 Pro battery be replaced?

If your phone’s battery is dysfunctional and working very low, then you can easily change it, turn off your phone first, then take it to the nearest Smartphone service center, they will replace your battery within 30 minutes.

What is killing my Pixel 9 Pro battery?

Using high-capacity apps harms your phone’s battery, so you use battery server apps for your phone battery. Check each app and see if the battery usage is correct.

Pixel 9 Pro Battery Life

Google Pixel 9 Pro Battery Replacement Price:

We get you the latest information on 9 Pro Battery Replacement Prices in Different Countries around the World:

                         Country Price
Replacement Price in USA  Start at $ 70
Replacement Price in UK  £ 55
Replacement Price in Canada CA$69.99
Replacement Price in Singapore SGD 58
Replacement Price in Australia A$249

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