Does the S24 have Galaxy AI 2024?

S24 Galaxy AIDoes the S24 have Galaxy AI 2024? All the world’s leading technology companies are working quickly to integrate the growing technology. Following this path, Samsung introduced the breakthrough AI system Galaxy AI to the world in 2024. This fantastic technology puts the power of artificial intelligence in the palm of your hand. It will be available on every Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra series phone.

Everyone may wonder what Galaxy AI can do, how it can be used, and which devices it can support. Let’s dive into this article and get the necessary information.

What Is Galaxy AI?

In addition to improving your communication, productivity, and creativity, it’s adding a new level of universal intelligence, essentially what Samsung is calling the world as a comprehensive mobile AI experience. Every AI feature in Galaxy AI will be powered by a combination of onboard and cloud processing.

Galaxy AI 2024 Features:

Here, we give you Galaxy AI some exciting & interesting features. Let’s take a look.

  • Live translate
  • Interpreter
  • Chat Assist
  • Notes Assist
  • Transcript Support
  • Circle to Search
  • Edit Suggestions
  • Generative Edit
  • Instant Slow-Mo
  • End-to-end secure hardware
  • Advanced Intelligence

What can Galaxy AI do?

Galaxy AI is a breakthrough innovation in the Samsung AI line-up. It is made available in various apps to enhance your working experience. Below is a short list of what Galaxy AI can do. Let’s take a look.

  • The translation is available in the app as a keyboard
  • Live translation of phone calls
  • Live messages
  • The interpreter can split the screen by flipping it aside
  • Can do photo editing
  • Can create editing suggestions feature
  • Notes can be summarized with a tap
  • Magic Compose helps you write messages with the help

How do you use Galaxy AI S24 & S24+ S24 Ultra?

Although Galaxy AI is currently available on the S24 series of phones, rumors suggest that Samsung will soon bring it to some of its older models and tablets.

Galaxy AI aims to expand AI features further. It uses automatic enhancement of photos at 2x and 10x zoom levels in some cases, and enhanced low-light images will benefit from this.

Also, its other features, like editing suggestions, will provide quick solutions for your photo problems. Tap, circle, or scribble on your screen to help make Google search easier. You can use generative editing to remove the image.

Galaxy AI Compatible Devices:

Here, we give you the Galaxy AI Compatible Devices list. Let’s see.

  • S24, S24+, & S24 Ultra
  • S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, & S23 FE
  • Z Flip 5 & Z Fold 5
  • Tab S9, Tab S9+, & Tab S9 Ultra

How much does Galaxy AI Cost?

All Galaxy AI features with compatible devices are free to use until the end of 2025. However, terms may apply to third-party AI features. Future Galaxy AI features may also require payment.

Galaxy AI Release Date 2024:

Tech lovers are curious about the release date of Galaxy AI. Although nothing is known about its official release date. However, according to estimates from various websites and unique sources, Galaxy AI may be released in the world market by the end of 2024.

S24 Ultra Camera

The camera is a valuable part of a phone; Samsung updated this latest Smartphone with digital zooming 3x\10x, auto flash,  face detection, and advanced video recording Quality in 4K 1080p.

  • Rear: 200MP+12MP+12MP+12MP
  • Front: 60MP

S24 Ultra RAM\ROM:

Samsung has invented the latest ample internal storage here. It’s used to protect memory-hard. We give you late news. See below.

  • RAM:8GB\12GB
  • ROM:128GB\256GB

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