Apple iOS 18 Beta 2024: AI Features, Full Specs & Release Date

iOS 18 BetaApple iOS 18 Beta 2024: AI Features, Full Specs & Release Date! Apple is a world-famous technology company. It will appear before us with the New (2024) iOS 18 Release Date & Settings. This article discusses the iOS 18 beta, its release date, expected features, settings, and how to install and download. To know, keep an eye on this article.

This latest version of iOS 18 Beta comes with many new features designed to make the iPhone more appealing to users and more usable on several mobile browsers. These new features suit how people use their iPhones and smartphones.

iOS 18 Beta 2024 Expected Features:

iOS 18 beta introduced interesting new features. Let’s have a look.

  • a) Siri: Siri interface may be added in iOS 18. Here, you can respond to alerts via voice commands using Siri. Siri makes it easy to control alerts without touching the device.
  • b) Location display: In iOS 18, you can display location using the camera. Also, you can superimpose digital content using augmented reality apps. In iOS 18, the camera can display location information in the viewfinder.
  • c) Dual Sense Adaptive Trigger: iOS 18 can add a Dual Sense Adaptive Trigger feature. This feature will increase the immersion in the game. A dual sense adaptive trigger will act as a bowstring or virtual item as excitement or resistance to change the gameplay experience.
  • d) Memory feature: iOS 18 can add a memory feature to save important things. With iOS 18, this new feature improves the user experience and will create new interest for consumers to use and enjoy their devices.
  • e) Podcast app storage: iOS 18 beta can add storage management to the podcast app. This feature will help customers take advantage of the maximum capabilities of their devices. Easily organize their podcasts.
  • f) Wallet App: Wallet app can be integrated into iOS 18. We hope the Apple Cash Card will make it easier for customers to manage transactions and transfers with quick access to financial transactions with “Request” and “Send” buttons.

2024 iOS 18 Beta Download Process:

  • To download iOS 18, visit the website
  • On the bottom left of the page, click -iOS 18- then click -Install Profile-.
  • In the next window, click -Install anyway- Click on text. Grant permission to download the Profile by tapping on Allow. The iOS 18 profile will now download to your iPhone.
  • Go to the Settings app under General – VPN & Device Management and tap on -iOS 18 Software Profile-. Then press –Install- and enter the iPhone code. Check the following query with -Install.
  • After installing the Profile, click –Restart- on the pop-up window to restart the iPhone.
  • Go to –General- in the Settings app and select -Software Update-. Go to the next page; here is the iOS 18 version. Tap on -Download- and confirm with the iPhone code. Complete your iOS 18 download task.

iOS 18 Beta 2024 Supported Device List:

Below, we have mentioned a list of devices compatible with iOS 18. Let’s see

  1. iPhone 14 Pro Max (2022) iPod touch
  2. iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus
  3. iPhone 11 Pro iPhone SE (2020)
  4. iPhone 12 iPhone 12 mini
  5. iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max
  6. iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11
  7. iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus
  8. iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus

iOS 18 Beta 2024 Install Process:

Below are the steps to install iOS 18. Let’s have a look.

  • First, open Safari and navigate to Beta Software Program.
  • Click on the “Register” button and wait
  • Then select the iOS tab, click on the Start section
  • Then tap on “iPhone” or “iPad”.
  • Now allow installing iOS beta configuration profiles.
  • Install the Profile
  • Once the Profile is installed, go to Settings – General – Software Update and click Install to install iOS Beta 18

When is the iOS 18 beta Released?

The iOS 18 version is a part of Apple’s plans so far. No official information is available yet on when the iOS 18 will be released. But we expect it to be released in the market in early 2024. Finally, we try to give you information About iOS 18. Thank you all so much for staying with us and reading this article.

How to Instal iOS 18 Beta Profile?

Once you’ve prepared your device for the iOS 18 and downloaded the Profile you want, you can follow this guide to install it and then download the iOS 18 to your device.

  1. Select and download the iOS 18 beta profile (links above) to your device
  2. Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Profile”.
  3. Allow the installation of the selected Profile by entering the password from the device.
  4. Reboot your device
  5. Now go to Settings -> General -> Software Update on your device.
  6. Finally, install the update.

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