Apple M2 Pro 2023: Price, Release Date, Specs & Full Specifications

Apple M2 Pro 2023: Price, Release Date, Specs & Full Specifications! Today we will tell you detailed information about the upcoming m2 CPU of Apple company. Besides, we also provide the Apple M2 release date, specifications, price, and recent benchmarks. Till 2020 Apple Company had a partnership with Intel and they agreed to bring lightweight yet powerful laptops to the market but Intel Company couldn’t keep their promise and couldn’t keep up with the capabilities of other laptops in the market. This is why Apple is forced to take a big decision and create a CPU called m1.

Apple M2 Pro

Their invention achieved exceptional success and this was possible only because of its great performance and efficiency. The m1 device was a huge success. That’s why they made it a powerful new device by adding more functionality to it called M2, the next generation. Although there is no information about this new product in the market so far. But still, we will try to convey it to you properly through this article today including Price, Release Date, and Specs.

Apple finally declare WWDC22 and launched the first design with an M2 processor. It first came to market with the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. In early January 2023, the company announced the launch of new versions of the 16-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The Mac mini is also used the M2 Processor.

Apple M2 Pro 2023 Price

These models are now obtainable for buying. Though, we expect that Apple may increase the base prices for the M2 devices. Although, these upcoming devices did end up being a bit more costly than their other device. Let’s check out the pricing of the new M2 devices.

1st. “iPad Pro M2 starting at $799”

2nd. “13-inch MacBook Air M2 starting at $1,199” present price $1,049

3rd. “13-inch MacBook Pro M2 starting at$1,299”

4th. “14-inch MacBook Pro M2 Pro/Max with M2 Pro starting at $1,999”

5th. “16-inch MacBook Pro M2 Pro/Max with M2 Pro starting at $2,499 / $3,499

6th. “Mac mini M2/Pro starting at $599, M2 / $1,299 with M2 Pro

Apple M2 Pro


This latest M2 processor is 20% faster than the previous M1 device. Awesome speed M2 CPU has also a 35% more strong graphics card. Similarly, we see here up to a 50% increased memory bandwidth and 24GB of combined Memory (RAM). These changes were possible because of the TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process (N5P).

1. Brand Apple
2. Model name MacBook Pro
3. Full name Apple M2 Pro 2023
4. Release date “20-01-2023”
5. Physical structure
6. Weight 1.6 kg
7. dimension 405 x 80 x 308
8. Body aluminum
9. Storage capacity 512 GB
10. Storage type SSD
11. Display type
12. Display resolution 3024 x 1964
13. Display size 14” & 16”
14. OS “Mac”
15. RAM 16 GB
16. connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6E
17. processor “Apple M2 Pro”
18. Core “Core-I 10”
Clock speed “3.48 GHz”
battery “6 Cell 69.6 WHr”

As friends in this content, we want to show you everything we know about this version. Finally, we hope you all will be satisfied with our content. But if you want to learn more please visit Apple’s official website.

Apple M2 Pro

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