WWE 2K23 Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

WWE 2K23 Release Date

WWE 2K23: What we know so far! Everything you need to know about WWE 2K23, from the anticipated release date to the latest roster additions. WWE 2K23 is on its way. Is that correct? While most people anticipate a WWE 2K22 sequel in early 2023, WWE has been noncommittal. There have even been whispers of negotiations with EA. If it is on the road, the first WWE 2K23 trailer could arrive soon, possibly before the annual Summerslam event. If that happens, we’ve compiled everything we know thus far, including the expected WWE 2K23 release date, roster, and an initial fan request.

Will WWE 2K23 Even be Released?

The most important question of all. Visual Concepts overcame the tragedy that was WWE 2K20 by rejuvenating the series with actual physicality, user-friendly mechanics, and massive cosmetic changes in WWE 2K22. GR gave it 3.5 stars, and fixes thereafter have improved it much more. However, reports circulated after the game’s release that WWE had secretly severed ties with 2K, with 2K22 serving as the series’ farewell. WWE had even held conversations with EA, according to wrestling publication 10thin March. The company’s financial call in May was non-committal, with new CEO Stephanie McMahon praising the recent release but not addressing 2K23.

When will WWE 2K23 be Available?

WWE sim games were once an annual pre-Christmas event. That changed with the negative response to WWE 2K20 and the consequent cancellation of WWE 2K21. WWE 2K22’s release date was pushed back to shortly before WrestleMania, the biggest annual event on the wrestling calendar. WrestleMania 38 takes place on April 2-3, 2022, with WWE 2K22 being released three weeks earlier, on Friday, March 11. If WWE 2K23 follows that pattern, it will be released on Friday, March 10, 2023, three weekends before WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

What is the location of the first WWE 2K23 Trailer?

WWE 2K22 was revealed during WrestleMania 37, a full year before its release – but keep in mind that the series had been inactive for 18 months at this point. A second trailer came in August during Summerslam, which appears to be a more plausible landing location for the reveal of WWE 2K23.

Who will be on the WWE 2K23 Roster?

A whole lot of new blood. Visual Concepts did an excellent job with the WWE 2K22 DLC, incorporating several new faces who rose to prominence on Raw or Smackdown late in the production process. As a result, Amos, Rick Boogs, Dewdrop, and Commander Azeez will all be in WWE 2K23 from the start, as long as they remain with the company at the end of the year. They’ll be joined by the company’s biggest signing of 2022, Cody Rhodes, as well as a slew of NXT goodies and baddies. BronBreakker, Rick Steiner’s son, will undoubtedly lead this bunch, along with Mandy Rose’s tag partners Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne.

WWE 2K23

Who will be Dropped from WWE 2K23?

Many old favorites will be farewelled in next year’s entry. Twelve of those who appeared in WWE 2K22 have since joined the rival AEW roster, and so will no longer be in the series. They are as follows:

  • AriyaDaivari (M, 70)
  • Cesaro (M, 84)
  • Isaiah Scott (M, 80)
  • Jake Roberts (M, 85)
  • Jeff Hardy (M, 85)
  • Keith Lee (M, 80)
  • Kyle O’Reilly (M, 81)
  • Murphy (M, 77)
  • Samoa Joe (M, 86)
  • William Regal (M, 85)
  • Ember Moon (F, 81)
  • Toni Storm (F, 80)

In total, nearly 50 wrestlers from WWE 2K22 have left the business. That means no Brawn Strowman, Mickie James, Lana, Nia Jax, Tyler Breeze, or Fandango will be on the WWE 2K23 roster.

What Features do you want to see in WWE 2K23?

As usual, the amazing independent fan site Operation Sports has a number of excellent WWE 2K23 proposals. Luke Skywalker would like to see rosters that can be shared. For example, a fan may compile a whole WCW 1996 roster, which you could then download all at once. He’d want to see the most changes in GM Mode, with dynamic rosters being the most enticing suggestion: “A wrestler is fired from the business or hired in, [or you] bring in freshly created players in an existing Season mode.” I don’t think the roster will be the same three years from now. Some of those on the roster aren’t even in WWE right now.”

WWE 2K23

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