World Laughter Day 2023: Top Quotes, Significance & Messages

Hello Friends, Today we are discus about the most popular celebration of World Laughter Day. World Laughter Day is an event keeping worldwide to raise awareness about laughter. It has many healing benefits. The Laughter Day is celebrated each year on the first Sunday of May.  This year it has celebrated on May 7, 2023.

World Laughter Day

History of Laughter Day:

World Laughter Day is the first celebrates that took place in India, on January 11, 1998. It was followed by Happy-medic. World laughter day was first celebrated outside India. It was caught on January 9, 2000, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has around 10,000 people attended, it putting in the Guinness Book of World Records. Thus this day started to be celebrated all over the world.

How to Celebrate World Laughter Day?

Do you want a good laugh? Then you can watch the performance of outside comedians. That makes you smile. You can watch the comedy act in the video. Join those around you who can celebrate World Laughter Day. Enjoy connecting with them and laugh your heart out.

Here are some more ways you can bring some more laughter into your life on World Smile Day. Like you can smile at your gun, brother, sister, colic, and well-wishers through messages. Below are the laughing Messages, Quotes, Wishes, and jokes.

World Laughter Day: Date

Holidays Day Date Years
Happy World Laughter Day Sunday May, 07 2023
Happy World Laughter Day Sunday May, 05 2024
Happy World Laughter Day Sunday May, 04 2025
Happy World Laughter Day Sunday May, 03 2026

World Laughter Day: Wishes for Friends

  • “…World Laughter Day May your day be filled with joy, and laughter that throughout the year? …2023”
  • ”… World Laughter Day, 2023 May the sound of laughter bring you happiness and joy? …2023”
  • “…World Laughter Day, This World Laughter Day let’s all come together,  spread happiness and positivity laughter. . .2023”
  • “…World Laughter Day, 2023 Wishing you a day fill with giggles, chuckles, laughs… 2023”
  • “…World Laughter Day, 2023 Celebrate the power of laughter on World Laughter Day Laugh loudly, laugh often, and spread joy wherever you go. …2023”

Happy World Laughter Day: Quotes

  • “…World Laughter Day. Those who laugh live longer because they are happy inside and their hearts are healthier…2023”
  • “World Laughter Day. One like to see sad faces,  We all love to see happy faces…. Always laugh and smile to make it a better world… 2023”
  • “… 2023 World Laughter Day than reasons to laugh need the intention to laugh, so laugh like there is no tomorrow. World Laughter Day…”
  • “Happy World Laughter Day, 2023 Laughter is the medicine we must all taste every day to stay healthy… 2023”

Happy World Laughter Day: Jokes

  • “World Laughter Day. If you cannot laugh then you are not living, you are just surviving because you are not dead… 2023”
  • “…World Laughter Day, Tickles is the way to make even the toughest souls laugh…2023”
  • “…World Laughter Day 2023, Laughter is an effective medicine that comes free and that does not even need a prescription… 2023”
  • “…World Laughter Day, 2023 we do not solve problems laugh. But you can definitely keep in mind to solve them better. 2023”

Happy World Laughter Day: Messages

  • “World Laughter Day, if you want to stay healthy and happy then all you need is a carefree laugh 2023…”
  • “…World Laughter Day, 2023 who are laughs live longer, they are happy inside and their hearts healthier..”
  • “World Laughter Day, Make it a wonderful World Laughter Day by keeping around you laugh 2023…”
  • “World Laughter Day, 2023 therapy for enjoys and healthy life laugh…. So laugh every day and laugh 2023…”
  • “World Laughter Day, 2023 wishing a Laughter Day healthy laughs and hilarious jokes to make it a good day 2023…”

Finally, we should laugh regularly to make our work enjoyable. This is what world laughter day teaches us. You can let us know if you have an opinion on this. Thanks for being with us.

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