New Winix C545 Filter (2024): Price, Size & Replacement

Winix C545 Filter

New Winix C545 Filter (2024): Price, Size and Replacement…2 True HEPA Filters + 8 Disposable Activated Carbon Pre-Filters = Great Value! 2 H13 Grade True HEPA Filters: compatible with C545, P150, and B151 Filters S (#1712-0096-00 and 2522-0058-00). 8 carbon pre-filters designed exclusively for the C545 air purifier. Filter Compatibility: Compatible with C545, P150, and B151. Part number 1712-0096-00, Filter S, is comparable. These filters are shorter than the P150 and B151 but still work nicely. P150 dimensions are 14.16 x 3.15 x 12.6 inches, while the C545 filter is 13.1 x 10.9 x 0.2 inches.

Winix C545 Filter Full Specifications

Part Number C545
Colour Black, White
Compatible Device Air Purifier
Package Includes 2 * C545 Air Purifier Filter

Winix C545 Filter Description

Compatible with the following brands: Winix C545 Air Purifier, Winix S Filter 1712-0096-00.

Please remember that this is not the C535 replacement but rather the C545 replacement.

It is advised that the filter be replaced every 6-8 months for optimal performance.

Compatible with the Winix C545 air cleaner.

TRUE HEPA Filter Premium True HEPA Filter is a high-quality, robust, safe and reliable filter, capturing 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. Easy to use, replace, and disposable; no tools required. Genuine HEPA Filter: Up to 99.97%* of airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, smoke, pet hair, and other ultrafine particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured.

4 Pack Activated Carbon Filters: Reduces VOCs and odours in the home caused by cooking, pets, and smoking. It is intended to capture airborne particles found indoors, hence extending the life of the True HEPA Filter. Genuine Winix replacement filter set for one year. It is advised that the True HEPA Filter be changed once every 12 months and the Carbon Filter once every 3 months for best performance.

What is the Lifespan of Winix air Purifier Filters?

Filters should be replaced every three months to a year, according to Winix, and the air quality in your home will influence how frequently you need to replace filters.

Winix C545 Filter

Does Winix Notify you When it’s time to Alter the Filter?

While a Filter Replacement Indicator isn’t a popular feature on the air purifier market, every Winix air purifier has one. When the light illuminates, it will alert you that your Winix True HEPA filter needs to be replaced.

Blinking Red Light on Winix

It merely signifies that the air filter has worn out and needs to be replaced. Replace your old air filter, then press and hold the reset button to turn off the flashing light.

How can I Clear the Winix C545 filter?

Filter Life Reset: After replacing the True HEPA Filter, reinstall the Pre-Filter and close the Front Panel. Hold the Filter Reset Button for at least 5 seconds while the machine is turned on until you hear the beep. The Filter Replacement Indicator will vanish after the beep. Also cleans rooms up to 1,740 sq ft in 1 hour (870 sq ft in 30 minutes, 580 sq ft in 20 minutes, 435 sq ft in 15 minutes)

What do the Different Colours on the Winix Air Purifier Mean?

When turned on, the LED light will display the current indoor air quality on three levels: BLUE (good), AMBER (fair), and RED (poor). The sign displays the air quality level depending on the Particle Sensors.

Should one Sleep with an air Purifier Turned on?

Should an air purifier be used while sleeping? Yes, in a nutshell. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends using an air purifier before bed to promote improved breathing while sleeping.

Should an air Purifier be left on When the Owner is not Home?

Leaving your unit on, even if absent, will help eliminate particles and gases from your household air. It will also ensure that when you return home from work, your home air is as clean as possible, saving you from needing to wait as your air purifier cycles the air through.

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