US Calendar 2023: January – All Holidays & Celebrations

The year US Calendar 2023 is knocking on the door. The US will host a plethora of celebrations on New Year’s Eve and the year 2023. Even though it is New Year’s Eve on Saturday, December 31, 2022, that day is a workday. The vast majority of businesses in the US adhere to regular business hours. On December 31, most individuals keep to themselves. They would take walks, read newspaper articles about the previous year, or maybe even sleep before the late afternoon or early evening New Year’s Eve celebrations.

A host’s day could be spent mostly on preparing meals and setting up the bar. Celebrations on New Year’s Eve usually go well past midnight and well into the evening. Some people, especially younger people, may prefer to spend the evening in bars, clubs, or discos. Even while many people drink moderately and responsibly while taking part in the event, some drink excessively, which can result in disputes and other dumb behaviors in the early hours of the morning.

US Calendar 2023

According to the Gregorian calendar, January 1 is referred to as New Year’s Day. It occurs precisely one week after Christmas Day of the previous year. A one-page monthly calendar with January holidays serves as the United States January 2023 calendar. The month calendars are available for free download, editing, or printing in Word, Excel, or PDF and come in a variety of designs.

US Calendar 2023 PDF Holiday Time-Table

Date Day Holidays


Sunday ·        National Hangover Day

·        International Public Domain Day

·        Dry January

·        Veganuary

·        Emancipation Proclamation

02 Monday ·        National Buffet Day

·        National Thank God It’s Monday Day

·        National Science Fiction Day

·        World Introvert Day

03 Tuesday ·        International Mind-Body Wellness Day


Wednesday ·        National Spaghetti Day

·        National Trivia Day

·        World Braille Day

·        World Hypnotism Day



Thursday ·        National Keto Day

·        National Bird Day



Friday ·        Epiphany

·        National Cuddle-Up Day



Saturday ·        National Bobblehead Day

·        Orthodox Christmas

08        SUN


Sunday ·        Battle of New Orleans

·        World Typing Day

·        National Bubble Bath Day

09 Monday ·        Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
10 Tuesday ·        National Houseplant Appreciation Day


Wednesday ·        National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

·        National Clean Off Your Desk Day

·        National Milk Day



Thursday ·        National Marzipan Day

·        National Pharmacist Day



Friday ·        Korean American Day

·        National Gluten-Free Day

·        Stephen Foster Memorial Day



Saturday ·        National Dress Up Your Pet Day

·        World Logic Day

15 Sunday ·        National Hat Day

·        National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

·        Martin Luther King’s Birthday

·        National Bagel Day

16 Monday ·        Civil Rights Day

·        Idaho Human Rights Day

·        Martin Luther King Day

·        National Nothing Day


17 Tuesday ·        Prohibition Begins


Wednesday ·        Museum Selfie Day

·        National Thesaurus Day



Thursday ·        Confederate Heroes’ Day

·        Robert E. Lee’s Birthday

·        National Popcorn Day



Friday ·        National DJ Day

·        National Cheese Lovers Day



Saturday ·        National Hugging Day

·        National Squirrel Appreciation Day

·        World Religion Day

22 Sunday ·        Roe V. Wade

·        Celebration of Life Day

·        National Blonde Brownie Day



Monday ·        International Integrative Health Day

·        National Pie Day



Tuesday ·        National Compliment Day

·        International Day of Education

·        National Peanut Butter Day

25 Wednesday ·        Opposite Day


Thursday ·        National Green Juice Day

·        International Customs Day

·        National Spouses Day



Friday ·        International Holocaust Remembrance Day

·        National Chocolate Cake Day

·        National Fun at Work Day



Saturday ·        National Daisy Day

·        National Lego Day



Sunday ·        Kansas Day

·        National Puzzle Day



Monday ·        National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

·        National Croissant Day

31 Tuesday ·        National Backward Day

US Calendar 2023

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