Tesla 2024 Software Update Today: How to Update Your Tesla?

Tesla Software Update

Tesla 2024 Software Update Today: How to Update Your Tesla?! Dear Friend: We are sharing the Tesla Cars Software Update with you today. Tesla updated their software capacity a few days ago. Therefore, we are going to talk to you about the forthcoming Tesla software update in this article.

Here, we’re gathering information to get a better idea of what the Tesla Update 2023–24 will entail. Not Insiders of the Tesla app have discovered a few additional features that ought to appear in the upcoming release. Read More – Tesla Phone 

Tesla has begun rolling out a new software upgrade to its fleet featuring a number of new features, such as the much-anticipated cloud-based driver profile and a ton of extras to enhance your Tesla experience. The broad deployment of Tesla’s most recent software upgrade (2023.24) to 2023.24.5 began this week. The inclusion of “Tesla Profiles,” the merging of cloud profiles Elon Musk promised last year, is one of the largest new features.

The new update also expands the number of vehicles that automatically deploy normal brakes when regenerative power is insufficient. Tesla started implementing this earlier this year, but new upgrades are continuously bringing it to more vehicles.

New Updating Software

Tesla continuously adds new features by wirelessly updating the software on your car. Tesla advises that you update your vehicle’s software as soon as possible. Keep Wi-Fi active and connected whenever feasible to guarantee the quickest and most reliable transmission of software updates. Most of the time, in order to begin an update, your car needs to be Wi-Fi-connected.

Other minor adjustments made in the updated 2023.24.5 include the ability to delete video games from the Tesla computer in order to make room for others and the time and date of tire pressure measurements.

First and most importantly, Tesla will provide you the option to decide where your blind spot camera will be installed. Or, you may now relocate it to any corner of the screen if you’d prefer. The second development is that it appears Tesla is finally releasing the long-rumored “Cloud Profile.” You can connect a driver profile to your Tesla account using Cloud Profiles. This implies that you can use the same settings across several Teslas if you now own and over one or intend to lease more than one.

Drivers now have the option to alter blind spot camera signals to match their position better, thanks to the software update. Whenever the strobing lights are on, “drag” the camera icon to customize it. Navigate to the Controls > Autopilot > Automatic Blind Spot Camera Setup menu to turn on this feature. Instead of and along an integrated route – in the Navigator – Tesla has modified the route line shown on the map for owners on Premium Connectivity to reflect slower traffic patterns using various colors.

Additionally, Tesla has the option to turn off sounds in Sentinel mode. You can now turn off the Sentinel Mode noises that continue to convey mobile app notifications in order to prevent disturbing your neighbors. To enable this setting, select Control > Security > Sentinel Mode > Disable Sentinel Sound.

More vehicles now have access to a function that was previously present in version 2022.16.0.2, which was primarily the software’s capability to show wait times at Tesla Superchargers.

Tesla Software Update 2023

Tesla Software Update Release 2024

Are you interested in the 2024 Tesla Software Update? Not to worry. Here, we share the anticipated release date for the Tesla update software. The Tesla Authority informed us that the new software update will be released in 2024. Beloved Friend, The Tesla software update for 2024 is scheduled for February.

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