Is Mario Galaxy 3 The Next Big 3D Mario Game?

Super Mario Galaxy 3We haven’t heard much lately about Super Mario Galaxy. The franchise hasn’t released a brand-new game in almost a decade. What is the current status of the Super Mario Galaxy 3? Has Nintendo announced a launch date? Is there a chance it will be released on the Xbox or PlayStation consoles?

When will Super Mario Galaxy 3 be available?

There is no set date for the release of Super Mario Galaxy 3. In actuality, Nintendo has not mentioned developing the game as far as we know. The series stopped with Super Mario Galaxy 2, and a further installment is not planned.

Super Mario Galaxy hasn’t been officially announced since we last heard anything about it in 2015. Eurogamer quoted Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto as saying that the company was open to the “opportunity” of a new Galaxy game. The crew ultimately determined that “going back to our roots” was the better choice, citing concerns about motion sickness.

In other words, Super Mario Galaxy 3 is not a foregone conclusion. However, the group is concentrating on various projects right now. This has been the case for about 13 years. There’s always a chance, but it doesn’t seem important at this pace.

Will the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One receive Super Mario Galaxy 3?

Games created by Nintendo are only available on Nintendo hardware. As a result, Super Mario Galaxy 3 would not be available on the Xbox or PlayStation. It would only be accessible on a Nintendo console, just like the original game, since it is a Nintendo property.

Nintendo hasn’t announced the release date of Super Mario Galaxy 3. The game hasn’t been broadcast or is currently in development. It is best to assume it won’t happen unless we hear differently. Thankfully, the recently released Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection allows you to play Super Mario Galaxy on the Switch.

Wishlist for Super Mario Galaxy 3 2024

Our Super Mario Galaxy 3 Wishlist contains everything we’d love to see included in a follow-up, should Nintendo decide to do the correct thing and return to this subseries.

  • A high-end camera

The camera is one of the main flaws in 3D platformers, and the Galaxy series isn’t exempt. On the one hand, it seems sensible that jumping and running around entire worlds would result in this; however, after two entries. Nintendo would probably already know which elements may be improved to make traveling through the galaxy as easy as possible. It could be challenging if the action needs to fit on a small screen such as the Switch’s in handheld mode while also employing joy-cons.

  • Added 2D levels

The uniqueness of 2D Mario levels should not be disregarded. These prior entries included outstanding platforming parts that required you to swing on ropes, swim, or hop through several blocks to reach the other end. This helped to bring diversity to your star-hunting. Returning to Miyamoto’s first comment, it makes sense for them to add stages like these, knowing perfectly well how much seasoned players and beginners like playing them. These were captivating. This would assist Super Mario Galaxy 3 in achieving the long-desired equilibrium.

Super Mario Galaxy 3

  • Right co-op

Since its inception, the Switch has welcomed co-op games, and the joy-cons responsiveness has given many titles that previously only supported local co-op on Computers or consoles new life. Super Mario Galaxy 3 should advance and include a true co-op feature despite how entertaining it was to gather stars and bring in things as a second player or while controlling a figure like Cappy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  • Time to switch to picture mode

For the perfect image or to take a quick selfie for your growing collection, players can pause in the middle of the action or only at quiet times.

Instead of pressing dual analog sticks simultaneously or reaching for the start button. Super Mario Odyssey’s photo mode could be activated simply by hitting the lower D-Pad button. We can only imagine what creative gamers could accomplish with these images, given how interesting and challenging the stages in the series can be. But a similar Super Mario Galaxy 3 control method would provide many photo chances in space. Of course, filters ought to be plentiful as well.

  • It’s time for Cloud Mario to return.

The Cloud Flower, one of the most prevalent power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy 2, was undoubtedly the most innovative of the group. Once acquired, it transformed the hero into Cloud Mario. It’s been seen & done a lot already to be able to fly, run, or dash over levels. The ability to generate up to three clouds in midair after the series’ first two standout-level designs introduced many previously unimaginable possibilities.

To complete these levels, you must both memorize where you should fall after each leap and engage in exploring by giving you the freedom to create your platforms. You can change the status quo, explore alternative routes, or enter previously inaccessible regions. It increases player agency by praising experimentation, shattering preconceptions, and choosing your path.

Super Mario Galaxy 3

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