New (2024) Starfield Chronomark Watch – Full Review, Price & Release Date

The Starfield Chronomark smartwatch is coming to us with a sleek gaming Constellation Edition. This special edition includes a digital game download, steel book, 5 days of early access, Shattered Space story expansion, skin pack, and soundtrack. It comes packaged in a gorgeous case and a thematic Starfield patch. Presented before us with a great package. In this article, we will discuss this in detail. Continue reading the article to collect the information.

What is the in-game Starfield Chronomark watch?

The Starfield Chronomark watch is the key to accessing Spacefare’s compass, guide, and Jamieson’s Lodge. In-game will act as your stamina bar. It lets you display the planet you’re on and provide directions to nearby locations and points of interest. It will also be able to display environmental information such as local temperature, local oxygen levels, and the planet’s gravity.

Expected Editions:

Starfield Chronomark Watch 2024 Case:

The Starfield watch ships with a constellation-themed. It has a complex locking mechanism and is set to come with a constellation patch and a NATO strap.

Wireless Headset:

With this watch, you get a game-exclusive banner featuring an exclusive Starfield headset with stripes in the background. It basically features a clean sleek design with on-ear controls. You can adjust the volume and change settings without interrupting your game. You are going to get a rechargeable internal battery here. , this wireless headset of the watch will last up to 15 hours.


Going to get a Starfield controller with a nice simple design and bronze d-pad. The wireless controller combines style with practicality, rocking transparent triggers, a bronze metallic D-pad and rumble motor, and two-tone grips. Up to 40 hours of gameplay will help you.

Starfield Chronomark Watch Set Up:

There are a few things you need to do to set up the Starfield clock. At first, you Remove the Starfield watch from the watch case. Then find the wireless charging pad under the constellation patch. Now plug the magnetic pad into a USB port and make sure the charging pins line up with the copper rings on the watch’s baseplate.

While charging, visit the Apple Store and download the Starfield Watch app. Notice the watch has a QR code, which you can scan with your phone. Once the app is installed you can pair devices via Bluetooth. Do not turn off the watch, close apps, or lock your phone in any way during this process. Once updated, you’re good to go.

How can I get the Starfield Chronomark to watch?

The Starfield watch is set to hit the market as part of the Starfield Collector’s Edition. It comes with lots of extra goodies. Not available for purchase separately. You can pre-order a Starfield or check it out with Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield Chronomark Watch Release Date:

Starfield Released the Starfield Chronomark Watch globally on September 6, 2023.

Starfield Chronomark Watch 2024 Price:

Country Name Price
Starfield Chronomark Watch price in USA Start at $299
Starfield Chronomark Watch price in UK £249.99
Starfield Chronomark Watch price in Germany EUR283.75
Starfield Chronomark Watch price in Canada CA$406

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