New Stalker 2 Delayed 2023 Now Coming Soon

Stalker 2 Delayed 2023

The creators of Stalker 2: Hearts of Chornobyl, GSC Game World, attended the Xbox Games extended showcase. Although the release date of the game has been postponed to 2023, the company assured players that it was still in development despite the unrest and conflict in its native Ukraine.

Inadvertently, Xbox accidentally exposed the game’s postponement during its main showcase. It displayed a list of the Xbox games and Stalker 2 was listed under 2023 releases rather than the then-anticipated release date of late 2022. This was confirmed by GSC Game World during the extended showcase; the new video simply says “2023.”

Employees of GSC talked about growing up in the midst of the Russo-Ukrainian War. During the initial onslaught, they aired footage of its staff leaving or sheltering. Several staff is working with whichever shelter they can find while simultaneously contributing to the war effort. Despite the tension around them, they all reiterate their desire to finish and release the game.

The latest trailer is cinematic that depicts a truck entering a radioactive zone. It doesn’t disclose a lot about the game, yet it does establish the tone. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2023.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Development has recently begun after being halted in February due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Studio GSC Game World was situated in Kyiv but had to relocate its personnel and their families, during which time the game’s name was changed to Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, matching the Ukrainian spelling of the region.

The game was still set to be released in December, but given the circumstances, this appeared increasingly optimistic. At last night’s Xbox and Bethesda event, a slide near the conclusion of the presentation detailing titles coming out in the next 12 months revealed that Stalker 2 has been pushed back until 2023.

Stalker 2 delayed 2023 Release Date & the War

The release date of a game is obviously irrelevant in the context of war, but Stalker 2 is only one example of the numerous ways that Russia’s illegitimate invasion has had an impact on the IT and gaming industries. Aside from ceasing business in Russia in March (which led to the game’s website being blocked in an act of petty censorship), GSC Game World is currently moving to Prague. The studio has denounced the invasion’s “inhuman savagery,” and the survival of its staff and their families is at stake.

Stalker 2 will now be released in 2023.

Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase made their global debuts earlier today at not-E3. Even while Stalker 2 might not initially appear to be present, it is actually visible just below the “2023” portion.

This would seem to confirm that the game’s scheduled release window of later this year in 2022 has been missed. Developer GSC Game World had previously committed to the original release date of December 2022, but it now appears the Kyiv-based studio has revised its plans in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The GSC Game World-run Stalker 2 official Discord community reportedly informed members that work on the follow-up had resumed just last month in May. This actually came after a rumor that, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, GSC Game World had relocated its operations to the Czech Republic. According to the information from the Xbox showcase, it appears that we’ll have to wait a little longer for the eagerly awaited sequel.

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