Samsung S23 Ultra 2023: Full Specs, Price, Release Date & First Looks

S23 Ultra 2023

One of the most anticipated smartphones for 2023 is the Galaxy S23, which Samsung has yet to formally announce. Fortunately, the corporation typically distributes its hardware on a regular and predictable schedule. The S23’s exact specifications and specifics are still rather hazy at this point, but some preliminary information is starting to give us a sense of what to anticipate.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2023 Specs

The CPU of the Galaxy S23 is the sole aspect of its hardware specifications that we are aware of. Unfortunately, there has been contradicting information from a few sources. According to rumors, Samsung is reportedly working internally to produce a processor that will be exclusive to the Galaxy with its 2025 flagship devices, leaving the S23’s chipset uncertain.

Business Korea stated that Samsung would join with MediaTek to produce a processor, most likely the Density 9000 or a similar model, while another leaker asserted on Twitter that the collaboration isn’t taking place. Ming-Chi Kuo, an industry researcher, predicts that the Galaxy S23 would most likely be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Given Samsung’s emphasis on developing new semiconductors, Kuo claims that Qualcomm will supply the processors for the whole S23 range.

This seems reasonable. Kuo claims that Samsung does not believe the Exynos 2300 can effectively compete with the most recent Qualcomm devices. Because of this, the third-party company—rather than the S22, which it previously divided 70–30—will be responsible for outfitting the entire S23 range. This is in line with a partnership between Samsung and Qualcomm that was revealed in late July. According to this “Snapdragon platforms will continue to be available for future premium Samsung Galaxy devices. Including smartphones, PCs, tablets, extended reality, and more.”

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2023 Camera

Other information is often lacking, however, the Galaxy S23’s cameras have generated some buzz. According to leaker Ice Universe, one of the major theories is that the smartphone would include an HP2 200-megapixel main camera. It’s crucial to remember that the S22 was also said to have a 200MP lens, even though that seems amazing (which it ultimately did not). This time, however, is different because a number of sites, including Korean IT News, corroborated the information.

Samsung just debuted its most recent 200MP camera, boasting significant improvements for photographs that are brighter and more detailed. The front-facing camera on the S23 will be improved to 12MP, claims GalaxyClub. The S23 will include the same 10MP telephoto lens that is featured on the S22. According to GalaxyClub, who also made a mention about one of the back cameras.

S23 Ultra 2023

Samsung S23 Ultra Battery Life

According to rumors, the Galaxy S23 would have a battery with a capacity of 5,000mAh, just like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Despite having a good battery life and quick charging times, the S22 Ultra didn’t stand out when compared to devices like the OnePlus 6T. However, we won’t have a problem if the entire S23 range comes with a cell that is at least 5,000mAh in capacity. The S23’s wireless charging capabilities are unknown, however, given that the Galaxy S series has supported it for many years. It is safe to presume that the entire S23 line will as well. However, the S23’s wireless charging speeds and supported wattages are still unknown.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2023 Release Date

We don’t know the exact release date for the S23 because Samsung hasn’t provided any official information about it. However, by examining previous releases, we may begin to gain a sense of what the corporation may have scheduled. Launches of the Galaxy S22, S21, and S20 took place in February 2022, January 2021, and March 2020, respectively. This suggests that the S23 will be released in the first few months of 2023. Specifically in late January or February based on the release dates of the previous two flagship models. Samsung will decide on the exact date from there, but it’s unlikely that we’ll learn anything about it until much closer to that window.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2023 Price

It’s always possible that the manufacturing issues and part shortages that have plagued the industry since the beginning of the global pandemic will cause its release to be postponed. Despite this, Samsung has consistently released a lot of hardware since COVID-19 started becoming a problem for many people. It appears safe to believe that the S23 will launch on schedule unless another significant supply chain issue arises. Another aspect that is yet uncertain is the cost. As a point of reference, the Galaxy S22 starts at $799, the S22+ at $999, and the S22 Ultra at $1,199. Samsung may maintain that pricing for the S23 series, but depending on the state of the market and the economy. We could potentially witness a $50 to $100 per model price increase.

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