Project Relic 2023 Release Date & Full Review

Project Relic

The Project Cloud Games firm from South Korea plans to release Project Relic in the first half of 2023. The planned game is an action-adventure game with a focus on group play. It has been praised as a “more colorful” take on a Dark Souls-style game that guarantees to offer gamers a fresh and compelling experience. What should we expect from an independent production studio? The shaky-cam-type trailers that we have seen so far do seem a little hurried. Some of the characteristics that distinguish this game as a fresh entry into the franchise will be covered in the main article.

A new gameplay trailer for Project Relic, a nine-person team’s indie action game in production, debuted at the Future Games Show. It has stunning visuals, fierce fighting, and enormous bad monsters.

With vicious hand-to-hand fighting and bosses carrying enormous weapons that can strike you from well across the combat area, Project Relic unquestionably resembles a faster, brighter, and more colorful Dark Souls. Similar environments, especially the enormous dual-ax-wielding boss in the center of a burning village, were shown in the gameplay footage for Project Relic when it was first shown to us in July.

A new boss battle that takes place in a forest with a glowing-eyed enemy and a boss that wields an enormous ax is among the new things that are seen in this teaser. The lighting also appears to be different. With Project Relic, you can pick between at least two playable characters: Yan, who is holding two brilliant green blades in his hands, and the sword-wielding Kamel. Keep an eye out because the initial gameplay footage hinted that there may be additional playable characters.

The Scene

According to insiders, the game’s production quality may pass for one with a higher budget. This is encouraging for the independent studio because it is one of their first projects, and the favorable publicity will help their credibility a lot. Even while the link to the Dark Souls series hasn’t been explicitly highlighted by the developers, it is difficult to miss.

It also wouldn’t come as a surprise if an independent firm wanted to profit from the popularity of an American game. The famed difficulty and gameplay of Dark Souls have impacted numerous games, but this title aims to add a fresh, fan-favorite feature.

News Perspective

In Project Relic, everything seems to erupt, which makes the huge boss fights much more exciting as you can see in the teaser above. Although the cause of the explosions is not totally obvious, it appears like either the player character or the boss may have attacked. The pattern of the explosions appears planned, like a deliberately positioned set of landmines detonating quickly after each other.

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Project Relic

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