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Nine Sols

A 2D action platformer with a strong focus on deflection and complex lore, Nine Sols is hand-drawn. Explore the former home of an old alien species as you embark on an eastern fantasy odyssey and follow a vengeful hero’s mission to kill the 9 Sols, the powerful rulers of this abandoned country. The gameplay of Nine Sols consists of 2D action that moves quickly and exploration that uses traditional platforming methods. The company also concentrated on creating an immersive hand-drawn universe with a unique Asian fantasy backdrop, dynamic characters, and a compelling plot given our experience creating narrative-driven games.

It will soon be known when Nine Sols will be released in the United States and the United Kingdom for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Red Candle Games is creating and releasing Nine Sols, an action game that will be available in 2023.

The story behind Nine Sols

The last refuge of the Solarians, New Kunlun, has been deserted for ages. The ancient gods left humanity a promised place within this immense realm, which is perpetually guarded by a series of holy rites. Yet most people are still unaware of the reality of this world. When a human infant awakens Yi, a long-forgotten historical hero, everything is put into perspective.

You will accompany Yi on his vengeful mission against the 9 Sols, powerful lords of this abandoned planet, and eliminate any obstacles in your path using Sekiro-lite-style fighting throughout the course of the game. Discover the mysteries of an ancient alien race as you discover the fate of humanity in a dark fantasy realm where every route is dangerous.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into testing and improving our main combat mechanisms over the last two years. When creating a fun, unique, and user-friendly fighting system, several additional factors must be taken into account in addition to how responsive and smooth the controls feel.

As a result, we have focused on close-quarters combat and the utilization of deflection and charging assaults when designing our bouts. However, the standard side-scrolling action controls are still in place, so you can still use basic maneuvers like dash, double jump, and wall leap/climb.

Moveset of Nine Sols 2023

The most effective ability of Yi is deflection. You can absorb and gather energy (Chi) by deflecting an opponent’s assault in addition to avoiding harm, which you can use to launch a chic-charged attack. You can easily get out of a lot of life-threatening situations by pressing a button with quick reflexes and good timing. Charge Strike and Chi Explosion –

Nine Sols 2023

After successfully deflecting an enemy’s attack, you can now “deflect” or reverse the damage onto enemy targets by affixing a “Foo charm,” a chi-filled talisman, to an enemy’s body during a charging attack and then using a spell to blow them up. Slash Attack, Dash, and Double Jump – The game has these traditional action platformer controls, so feel free to switch them up throughout battle.

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