Meta Quest 3 2024: Release Date, Price, Review & Specs

Meta Quest 3

We had anticipated the Oculus Quest 3, now known as the Quest 3, as Meta has largely dropped the Oculus brand to release this year. But the absence of recent rumours or leaks has us rethinking that assumption. The Oculus Quest 2, now known as the Meta Quest 2, is still the greatest VR headset you can buy now. It faces little competition, making it unlikely that Meta would immediately release a new headset.

Meta Quest 3 Outlook:

The Meta Quest 3 can be readily upgraded and have a winner because the Quest 2 was a success. It would be better if both the hardware and software fronts were advanced. Virtual reality is still a relatively undeveloped field with niche appeal. If Meta offers a complete VR system that can deliver immersive virtual experiences, the field of virtual reality might gain wider acceptance. This should provide us access to more games and applications to satiate our hands’ and eyes’ insatiable appetites.

 Meta Quest 3 Release Date:

Leaks and rumours about Meta 3 are still scarce. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has been working hard on VR prototypes, so Meta may also be thinking about new VR hardware. The Quest 2 has minimal competition and is still very young, so Meta can afford to take its time. Therefore, we would caution against making predictions that a new Quest headset will be available this year. We think that 2024 is a better possibility.

Meta Quest 3 2024 Price:

A price hike for the Meta 2 was recently made public. The 128GB version will cost $399, and the 256GB version will cost $499 as of August 1. Although Meta asserted that the price rise was required owing to rising costs, both have experienced good sales. Fortunately, certain models are still available at the current lower price points. Check out our top Meta Quest 2 offers to ensure you don’t miss out. All we can do is hope the Meta 3 will cost no more than the 2. Given that the Quest 2 recently suffered a price rise and the Meta Quest Pro is supposed to cost $1,500, it’s unclear if that will be the case.



Meta Quest 3 Price in USA $499
Meta Quest 3 Price in the UK £500 

Specifications & Rumors About Meta Quest 3:

The Meta Quest 3’s display will run at 120 hertz by default. The Quest 2 can now handle refresh rates of 120Hz, although programs must upscale content to achieve that target. In particular, people prone to motion sickness would welcome it when using a VR headset. It is the headset features a rapid refresh rate out of the box. According to VR researcher Brad Lynch, the Cambria will use mini-LED technology while the Quest 3 will use OLED screens (opens in new tab).

A resolution of 4,128 by 2,208 pixels, or 2,064 by 2,208 pixels for each eye, is predicted for The Quest 3. This resolution is an increase of 30% over the Meta Quest 2’s 1,920 by 1,832 pixels per eye. We can also hope for a better chipset, possibly from Qualcomm. This Qualcomm chip may contain unique silicon.

meta quest 3

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