Markel Corporation 2024: Locations, E-mail Address & Review

Markel Corporation

Markel Corporation is a financially diverse holding company that focuses on long-term findings when trying to serve a wide range of specific markets. AT MARKEL, they work with a never-ending attitude and gratitude for the long-term results. Sam Markel dreamed of creating an insurance company to help ensure jitney buses in 1930. He probably never imagined that Markel would one day be a Fortune 500 holding company with a leading speciality insurer and a remarkable portfolio of goods & services businesses.

While Markel Corporation’s roots are in insurance, we’ve grown into much more. Discover how Sam Markel and his four sons shaped our unwavering pursuit of excellence in everything it does for customers, employees, and shareholders. Despite the fact that it has been over 90 years, we believe the best is yet to come.

Three Business Engines

Maintaining its mission of creating one of the world’s most significant companies. Insurance – It offers insurance coverage for some of the world’s most complex risks. Insurance, Reinsurance, Insurance-Linked Securities Investments – It accelerates Markel’s growth by consistently generating good long-term returns on capital. A growing business family. Authors try to be the best at everything they do. Although each firm works independently, you’ll notice only a few stuff in common: our firm commitment to shared beliefs and our long-term success.

The Market Style

Markel Corporation is determined to succeed. Authors believe in hard work and a relentless pursuit of perfection while maintaining a sense of humour. In all of our dealings, we adhere to the principles of honesty and fairness. The Markel manner is to strive to be a leading company in all of our endeavours. Authors strive to understand our client’s needs and provide them with high-quality products and services. Our promise to our common stockholders is that we can always increase our company’s financial value.

Companies are leaders in their fields.

Long before their association with Markel, the companies of Markel Ventures were thriving. Our approach and principles reflect our commitment to sustaining and enhancing long-term success.

Long-Term Collaborations

When a company joins our family, it has no intention of ever leaving. This enables our businesses to operate on two time horizons: forever and ever and right now. However, in the presence of this urgency, we consider each correct new choice in the sense of eternity. We don’t inquire about which decision is most convenient for today. We request what judgment we can make today to ensure our company’s long-term viability and profitability.

markel corporation


Our trust-based approach is the foundation of our decentralized approach. We win because the right people make the right decisions at the right time. The appropriate people are those who are most familiar with the situation (our companies). All stakeholders (our customers, employees, and shareholders) benefit when the right decisions are made. The right way means that our choices are result-oriented. Made in a collaborative spirit in order to ensure long-term success (shared values).

Strong balance sheets

Debt forces businesses to play defence. We enjoy being on offense. Leveraged companies are frequently forced to weigh the interests of their employees against the interests of their lenders because they are accountable to their balance sheets (lousy pun intended).

That is why our businesses are funded with equity. Balance sheet strength indicates that our companies are in it for the long haul – to serve our customers, provide meaningful careers for our employees, and provide good long-term returns on capital to our investors.

The Markel Look

We look for companies that share our values. We value culture the most because we believe it is the only way to achieve long-term success. Culture transcends generations; it is an everlasting force that attracts and empowers the best people and companies to make the best decisions.

Markel Corporation: While our family members have different products, services, and operations, we all share common values. Those 214 words begin with a determination to succeed. And, fittingly, they conclude with “sharing success with others… winning.”

markel corporation

Company Name Markel Corporation Insurance
Founded 1930
Headquarters Glen Allen, Virginia, United States
CEO Thomas S. Gayner (Jan 1, 2023–)
Stock Price MKL (NYSE) $1,343.20 -3.53 (-0.26%)
Subsidiaries Markel Insurance Company
Disclaimer May 3, 4:00 PM EDT
Number of Employees 17,400 (2019)
E-mail  Address
Markel Corporation Phone +1.800.446.6671
Official Website Link

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