2024 Magic Mouse 4 – Black Multi-Touch Surface

Magic Mouse 4

The Magic Mouse is expected to launch in mid-2021. The Apple Magic Mouse 4 is a high-end model that’s popular with multi-touch gestures for scrolling, swiping, and zooming. Which is a very useful medium for most professional artists.

Like many of the best mouse options on the market today, this is a Bluetooth mobile mouse that doesn’t require a USB or Lightning receiver for wireless connectivity. But connecting this mouse requires a built-in Bluetooth receiver chip in the receiving device.

Connecting to devices that don’t have a built-in Bluetooth chip requires a wireless mouse that comes with a USB receiver. It is designed to protect simple and advanced gestures fully compatible with MacOS and iPadOS devices. Magic Mouse 4 only registers a left and a right click on Windows It features a 1300 DPI laser sensor and one physical button that is out of programmable.

Apple Magic Mouse 4: Feature

Magic Mouse 4 is wireless and rechargeable, with an optimized foot design. As a result, it glides smoothly across your desk much faster and easier. Its multi-touch surface lets you swipe between web pages with ease. Simple gestures such as scrolling through documents can be performed with ease.

What’s surprising is that the long-lasting internal battery can last for about a month or more between charges. It’s easy to use out of the box and automatically connects to your Mac. It also has a woven USB Type-C to lightning cable. This allows you to connect to a USB Type-C port on your Mac to pair and charge. The special features are:

Magic Mouse 4 2024: Specifications

Brand Apple
Model Magic Mouse 4
Release Date 2024
Price $99
Application Desktop & Mobile.
Color White, Silver
Use Ambidextrous
Connection type Wireless
Connectors 1 x Lightning
Wireless technology Bluetooth
Special features Multi-touch mouse
Dimensions (W x H x D) 6 x 11 x 2 mm
Weight 0.100 kg
Includes USB Type-C – Lightning cable

What notes are in the box?

Apple Magic Mouse is elegantly designed with premium materials. However, many are small in size and can feel a bit uncomfortable due to a lack of ergonomics. This wireless mouse connects effortlessly to Mac computers using Bluetooth technology. However, it may have limited compatibility with non-Apple or any devices.

This version offers a built-in rechargeable battery, but the charging port is included at the bottom of the device. That makes it easy for you to charge and use it at the same time. For which a single charge provides one month of battery life.

What are the reasons for buying?


Finally, Magic Mouse 4 is fully rechargeable, so you don’t have to connect batteries like before. The mouse is built to be lightweight, with a built-in battery and a continuous bottom shell with fewer moving parts. So the sophisticated optimized foot design is commendable.

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