Intel i7 11th Gen CPU Model Names, Price & Full Specifications

Intel i7 11th Gen

Hey friends, nowadays we live in a technology-dependent world. Our technology progresses day by day. There has been a massive change in the type of laptops we are using. Meanwhile, I will discuss today the device that the Intel i7 11 generation has made. Let’s talk about that topic.

Intel i7 11th Gen Product Specifications

Firstly, we all know the brand name Intel, which is an international company. It’s time to talk about a model, Intel Core I7-11700 k. Intel i7 11th Gen processor speed is 200MHz, which is so high with 16MB cache. Bus Speed8 GT/S, which also makes you so fast. Next, the total Number of Cores is 8. You may think about how much Frequency it made because it’s also an important part.

In this category, its base Frequency is 3.60 GHz; on the other hand, Its Maximum Turbo Frequency is 5.00 GHz. This type of frequency helps the graphics card to create accurate graphics frequency. That’s why it’s made 360 MHz in the graphic base frequency field, Max Dynamic Graphics Frequency: 1.30 GH. The type of graphics frequency discussed here is to create a maximum resolution within the display.

For (HDMI)‡: 4096×2160@60Hz, (DP)‡: 5120 X 3200 @60Hz, (DP)‡: 5120 X 3200 @60Hz. Moreover, Processor Graphics are Intel® UHD Graphics 750. Besides, it provides 2 Memory Channels and a maximum memory size of 128GB, memory type DDR4-3200.

How Much RAM Can i7 11th Gen Support?

11th Gen helps you get more from your memory. Motherboards now officially support RAM speeds of up to 3200MHz and present advanced overclocking options to help you tune your memory.

Intel i7 11th Gen

Brand Name Intel
Brand Model Intel Core I7-11700 k
Processor Speed 200MHz
Bus Speed 8 GT/S
Cache 16 MB
Base Frequency 3.60 GHz
Maximum Turbo Frequency Max Turbo Frequency: 5.00 GHz.
Resolution Resolution (HDMI)‡: 4096×2160@60Hz,

(DP)‡: 5120 X 3200 @60Hz,

(EDP – Integrated Flat Panel)‡: 5120 X 3200 @60Hz

Memory Size 128GB
Memory Type DDR4-3200.
Max Memory Channel 2
Processor Graphics Intel® UHD Graphics 750
Warranty 3 years
Total Cores 8

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