Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code Today July 28 – (Updated 2024)

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher CodeHamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code Today July 28 – (Updated 2024)! Hamster Combat continues to attract millions of players with its delightful mix of casual gameplay and engaging challenges.

It is a daily cipher and popular daily challenge that presents players with a unique Morse code to decode. As a highly anticipated event, in-game rewards are awarded to those who solve the codes.

We will discuss Hamster kombat Daily Cipher Code Today 28 in detail in this article, let’s dive into the detailed information.

Hamster Combat Daily Cipher 28 June 2024:

According to Hamster Combat Daily Cipher rules, a new cipher is released every 24 hours. Here the players are known as CEOs. To win they must decode the cipher to find the hidden message or code using the given clues and their own deductive skills.

If the answer seems correct then enter the decoded message in the field provided in the game. If the Morse code is correct in this case, they will immediately receive their in-game prize with an official “Congratulations” message.

Daily Cipher for 28 June 2024 released. Let’s take a look below

  • Word: MINER
  • Morse: —— •• —• • •—•
  • M: Hold hold
  • I: Tap tap
  • N: Hold tap
  • E: Tap
  • R: tap hold tap

How do you write morse code?

Focusing on tapping or quick reflexes, Daily Cipher challenges players’ minds. Writing Morse code requires logical thinking, pattern recognition, and sometimes a little creativity. Apply it by following the instructions below if you are an active player

  • Open the Telegram app on Android or iPhone.
  • Access the “Hamster Combat” dialog in the game panel.
  • Click on “Play in 1 Click” to start the game.
  • Tap the “Earn Per Tap” button in the left corner three times to access the cipher code box.
  • For a dot to enter Morse code, short tap on the game and release. For a dash, long press, and release.

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