Garmin Forerunner 955 Upgrade, Review, Price & Release Date

garmin forerunner 955

Garmin Forerunner 955 Upgrade, Review, Price & Release Date! If you are a current-generation runner then this upcoming watch is perfect for you. The Garmin Forerunner 955 is a watch that is extremely light and one of those watches with completely different features. Some of the current top local premium models are mentioned, it goes hand in hand with them. It’s easy to trust this watch for your daily training and trucking with full navigation and the latest health information and sensors. If you’re a proud runner, you need a watch with a long-lasting battery. And with that in mind, this watch claims to be perfect for you. This is especially important among runners considering the basics. On the other hand, performance and price are balanced.


Garmin is competing with the best smartwatches on the market today. Even though it’s lower than some of Apple’s smartwatches, many see them at a higher level. And that’s why we can be his fans. Similarities can be found between these two products in several areas. There are full touch screens, map tracking, route planning, etc. You can also download various entertainment systems such as music. But it has to be Amazon Music, Spotify only. Another way to use it is you need to connect Bluetooth headphones. Again, various status updates throughout the day will give you some information about your fitness and fatigue. In many cases, it can be discussed in detail.

Important Features:

  1. “Heart rate monitor”
  2. “Compass”
  3. “Thermometer”
  4. “Garmin Pay”
  5. “Downloadable Music”
  6. “Alarms”
  7. “Several activity profiles”
  8. “Pedometer and calories burned”
  9. “Barometer”
  10. “Altimeter”
  11. “Sunrise/Sunset information”
  12. “Breadcrumb navigation and topo maps”
  13. “Course creation and upload options”
  14. “Customizable watch faces”

Battery Life

According to a study, this watch has a battery life of around 42 hours without the entertainment system i.e. music. A two-day survey showed nine hours of full GPS use and the rest of the time compass and flashlight. Again when the trip was over it was showing 75 percent battery live. So needless to say this watch is quite useful for everyone. If you are planning a weekend trip, this watch is perfect for you. Because in a week you cannot finish its battery. This watch has a solar system. The extra bay will really make a huge difference when you use GPS. Another study found it lasted up to 12 days. And during those 12 days, GPS trekking was done almost every day for one hour. In this case, they are demanding up to 15 days.

Using method

We are real fans of the device to uses either a touch screen or dedicated buttons on the Forerunner 955. The important fact with that devices using gloves or cold hands makes these dedicated buttons even more useful. Walking fast and you aren’t looking directly at the device. The tactile touch of the button is a perfect bet than expect to scroll the right size or swipe just enough.

garmin forerunner 955

The latest Garmin Forerunner 955 UI used to feel overwhelming at first. But it’s come in so many ways, and we are happy to see them continuing to offer better quick features. And fewer menu systems. The setting is too simple to use and customizable to work best for you. These easy methods help to quickly access the information or set you to want to change. Most of the difficult complex customization, like data screen adjustment and notifications, this is completely possible through the on-the-phone application.


As with present optical sensors, the set is paramount. Then the design of the Garmin Forerunner 955 fit our wrist correctly. So, we get accurate heart rate accuracy. We linked the readings on this watch to other leading accuracy watches and found the same heart rate readings. See the resting and during activity (roughly +/- 3bm). It’s possible with Dual Frequency GPS, this watch performed great when we tested it in some deep canyons in Utah. We get this result to be on par with other top models in our lineup. During more standard pulse rate the 955 was within .02 miles of our other top accuracy models. Therefore, we could confidently believe this watch provides unbelievable accuracy through a wide range of conditions.

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