Foxtel iQ3 Remote: Specifications & How Do I Fix My Foxtel iQ3

Foxtel iQ3 Remote

Foxtel iQ3 Remote: Specifications & How Do I Fix My Foxtel iQ3? Today we all are using so Many types of remotes. At present, we will discuss the latest and greatest Foxtel iQ3 Remote. Let’s see the description below article.

One-word description;

  1. “Use to record, pause, and rewind live TV*”
  2. “Ergonomic design”
  3. “It’s pretty stylish, with a sleek design.”
  4. “Only works with the iQ3 & iQ4 set top box”

This substitute Foxtel Remote can be changed as a substitute to Foxtel Box, Mystar, or additional or extra remote control. Firstly, manipulate the pay TV remote to record and watch the channel. There is a Pay TV remote control AV mode. Finally, utilize the AV button with the twist device.

Those Pay TV remote control devices share a learning option. That function allows you to copy almost any program from the original remote control to the pay-TV remote control.

Warranty & Returns

This product is sold on a third party, website, or Marketplace seller. So, for Warranty service, this product is dependent on the Kogan Guarantee. Let’s learn what The Kogan Guarantee is.

What is Kogan Guarantee?

The Kogan Guarantee is based on each and every order on will get your ordered device, and it will be as described. If we will not ensure you receive the final product you ordered, or if they can’t do that. They must refund you the amount you paid.

How does it Work?

If you purchase a product from their website and are given a substandard product instead of the product as described. But there are some general instructions to get it back or get the product as per your requirement. Following them will benefit you.

  1. First, log in to your Account where you made the order.
  2. Then see your Order History and choose the order that you need help with.
  3. Search “Contact Kogan” for products sold from you buy it from Marketplace Seller, select “Contact Seller”.There you fill out the form and attach any relevant question
  4. For Koganproducts, they will take care of it from there and deliver it to you within 48 hours.

If you have made a warranty claim for a product sold from a marketplace and it does not yield satisfactory results within three working days. But please make a dispute resolution request. Hope you get satisfactory results from there as per this guarantee.

It could also be that you bought a product and they delivered it to you as described. Everything is fine. But after a few days, it was found that there are some errors or problems with the product. But in that case, you can solve the problem by following the above methods.

Kogan claims that they will resolve the issue within 48 hours for all products sold on their website. In many cases, they have done so. On the other hand for products sold from the marketplace if the seller does not provide any satisfactory results within three days. However, when applying for dispute resolution, Gun tries to settle it according to the customers’ standards.

Foxtel iQ3 Remote

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