Everything We Know About Mina the Hollower 2023

Mina the Hollower

Action-adventure game Mina the Hollower is currently under development and will be released by Yacht Club Games. It is scheduled for release on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux in December 2023. Mina, a talented inventor and “Hollower,” travels to Tenebrous Isle in the game to ascertain why the Spark Generators she created to power the island have failed.

Mina the Hollower 2023 Release Date

As early as the spring of 2023, Mina the Hollower, created and distributed by Yacht Club Games, will be made available. The game’s top-down, isometric perspective. Allows the player to see practically the whole area at a glance. Built-in the manner of the renowned Legend of Zelda titles that made their debut in the early 1990s. The player must battle a variety of foes and obstacles as they move through the environment to advance through the stages. In the main piece, we’ll look at what we already know about the game and how the public might react to it.


The game is played from a 3/4 isometric perspective, and Mina can use her whip to attack in four directions or go underground to fast cover gaps and small distances. While she is doing the activity, tunneling renders her invulnerable. A hatchet and a knife are among the several sidearms Mina is capable of using, albeit she can only handle one at once. The ability to navigate permanently can also be added to trinkets.


The game is set in an anthropomorphic animal-filled setting with Gothic Horror influences. Tenebrous Isle, home to Essex as its sole big city, serves as the primary location. Nox’s Bayou, a dangerous marsh where one of the generators is located, is one of the levels that are displayed. The protagonist of the game is Mina, a brilliant mouse inventor who has made advancements in Spark Technology.

A member of a guild committed to researching the earth. She has the ability to “Holling” to go very quickly beneath the ground. She uses Nightstar, a whip, as a weapon. Arrives at Baron Lionel’s mansion on Tenebrous Isle, where Mina had installed her technology, which had sped up development, with the help of the wealthy lion. Thorne, a bat who once oversaw Lionel’s security team before he and his Shock Troopers betrayed the Baron and destroyed the generators, stands in her path.


The inspiration for this entirely darker game came from the developers’ love of spooky tales and horror games. As well as their work on Shovel Knight’s darker-toned Specter of Torment DLC. The gameplay and plot are influenced by titles like Bloodborne, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Castlevania.

Mina the Hollower was made to seem like a Game Boy Color game. With the exception of its widescreen resolution, as a tribute to portable games. Much like Shovel Knight was made to look like an early home console game. Jake “Virt” Kaufman is the game’s primary composer, however, Yuzo Koshiro contributed two tracks as a guest composer.

Mina the Hollower 2023

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