2024 Costco Car Batteries (Price, Quality & Warranty)

Costco Car Battery

Costco Whole Sale is a well-known international auto retailer company in the US. The company sells high-quality car batteries at affordable prices. Costco offers a limited 36-month replacement warranty on car batteries. In this article, we will discuss Costco car batteries in detail. Aspirants read the article carefully and collect the information. You may Also Like – Falken Wildpeak AT3W 275/65R18

Costco-Car Battery Type:

Costco has two common types of batteries. These are absorbed glass mat batteries, and standard flooded batteries.

  1. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries: Costco has developed AGM batteries to meet the increased energy demands of high-end vehicles. AGM batteries are capable of providing higher power for start-stop applications and the higher electrical demands of modern vehicles. It is highly vibration-resistant, fully sealed, and non-porous. Also, it is easily recharged. With this battery, energy can be saved as the vehicle switches off.
  2. Standard Flooded (SF) Battery: Costco’s SF battery is designed for typical vehicles with typical electrical needs. These batteries are famous for longevity, durability, and adequate power. Fully sealed, this is an excellent budget-friendly car battery. SF battery is capable of providing sufficient cranking power. The service life of these batteries is considerably reduced.

How to Buy Costco Car Batteries Online?

Costco Company sells car batteries online. It is easy to check product availability online, which helps save time and money.

Steps to buy a new Costco Car Batteries Online:

  1. First, search the www.costco.com website.
  2. After accessing the website, enter the details required to buy a car battery (make, model, year, engine, zip code).
  3. The company website will provide a fitment code. This fitment code will give the best battery information that fits the vehicle type.
  4. Go to a nearby warehouse. Check for stock batteries.
  5. But if your battery is in stock.

Costco Car Batteries Warranty Coverage:

Costco offers a 36-month limited battery warranty. This battery can last up to five years if not abused and used in the right conditions.

Warranty Conditions:

  • Personal use of the battery: The limited warranty requires you to use the battery for personal use. Use of the battery for commercial purposes will void the warranty.
  • Limited Warranty: Costco’s build construction and material defects entitle the buyer to a new replacement. Buyer must return bad battery to receive warranty. This results in a refund of the purchase price to the buyer, excluding fees and taxes.

Costco Car Batteries Return Policy:

Below are the Costco Car Battery Return Policy Terms.

  • Proof of purchase is required.
  • The original battery must be returned.
  • Must be the original buyer
  • Must be returned within the warranty period
  • The date must be visible
  • Must be used correctly

How to return the Car Battery:

  1. In-Store Claim: You can claim directly from the store where you bought the battery.
  2. Claim by phone: Initiate a refund process by phone by calling 1-800-774-2678.
  3. Claim through Live Chat: On Costco’s official customer service page, clients can claim through live chat with support agents.

Costco Car Batteries Cost:

Here, we will give you the Costco Car Batteries price. Let’s take a look.

Group Size Part Number Price
124R M-1214R $129.95
26R M-26R $104.95
27 M-27F $129.95
35 MT-35 $141.95
H8 MTP-49 H8 $182.95
H6 MTP-48 H6 $172.95

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