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American Financial Group

American Financial Group Careers, Services & Contact Number! American Financial Group, Inc. is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based American financial services holding company. Its main lines of business are insurance and investments. Our insurance roots can be traced back to 1872, when the Great American Insurance Company was founded.

AFG is now involved in property and liability (P&C) insurance through the activities of Great American Insurance Group, with a focus on specific commercial applications for businesses. We are pleased to offer insurance products that assist businesses in managing their specific economic problems and exposures.

Subsidiaries: Great American Insurance Company, MORE
Stock price: AFG (NYSE) $114.65 /1.27 (-1.10%)
Headquarters: (Cincinnati, Ohio) United States.
CEO: S. Craig Lindner (January 2005), Carl Lindner III (January 2005).
Number of employees: 7,600 – 2017.
Presidents: S. Craig Lindner, Carl Lindner III.
Founded: 1959.
Founder: Carl Lindner Jr.

American Financial Group Overview

AFG’s Specialty P&C Group consists of over 30 businesses. Which offers different special commercial coverage in three main groups: special property transport, special accident, and special financial.

Many of our companies are among the best in their respective industries. Enterprise autonomy in our Specialized P&C operations allows for greater agility in underwriting, claims, and policy servicing, as well as the development of distribution channels and relationships in the markets they serve.

AFG’s in-house investment team manages a portfolio worth approximately $14 billion. We have significantly outperformed the financial over the long term while helping to manage portfolio risk by continuing to follow a consistent. Opportunism technique over many years and evolving economic conditions.

american financial group

We believe that outstanding commercial lending results, superior investment talent, and intelligent capital deployment result in longer value creation for our shareholders. AFG grows and develops with discipline and integrity, backed by the power of generations. We are appreciative of what we are, where we have come from, and in which we are going. Our industry is changing, and we are changing as well. We concentrate on providing products and services to our customers and agents, creating a favourable working environment for the staff, and creating value for its stakeholders.


We make every effort to understand your economic state, needs, and objectives. To provide you with high-quality products, information, and assistance to help you achieve them. We would, therefore, comprise your long-term interests in formulating and executing financial plans and services for you if you’re an individual, institutional, or retirement plan client.

History Of American Financial Group

The Company’s initial name was American Financial Corporation. Savings and loans were the main lines of business for the company when it first started. Even though the company’s core businesses have always been insurance and financial services.

More than 60 years later, it has developed into a corporation with over 30 market-leading insurance operations that sell advertising speciality property and casualty (P&C) insurance to a range of industries. We have narrowed our focus to the industries we are most familiar with over the last 20 years or so. This is accomplishing through carefully considered non-core business acquisitions, start-ups, and sales.

Operations of Property & Casualty Insurance

The property and casualty operations of Great American Insurance Group are among the oldest in the United States. Dating back to the founding of the Great American Insurance Company in 1872. Great American Insurance Group’s member companies specialize in specific commercial products and services for businesses.

Your company’s unique risks necessitate specialization. So, in a world as complicated as special property and casualty insurance, what would it take to endorse the great work you do?

american financial group

American Financial Services Phone Number, Office and Time

American Financial Group Headquarters
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Boardman Office
833 Boardman-Canfield Road
Suite 101
Boardman, OH 44512

Contact Number

Phone: 330.758.8102
Fax: 330.758.8207
Toll-Free: 866.758.8102


Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sat-Sun: By Appointment

Someone familiar with your surroundings. People in every unit who have a wealth of experience in your field. Someone who shares your interests. Someone free to do what is right. People who are supported by the financial strength and entrepreneurial culture that allows people to make better decisions. Our professionals are enthusiastic about the industries they serve, and they bring vast knowledge to your home insurance.

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