New 2024 Tesla Model S: Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date

2024 Tesla Model SThe 2024 Tesla Model S is a luxury electric car produced by the American electric vehicle company, Tesla Inc. It was first introduced in 2012 and has since become one of the most popular electric cars on the market. The Tesla Model S is an impressive electric car that combines style, performance, and range in a way few general vehicles can’t match.

Brand Tesla
Car Model 2024 Model S
Price $89,880 to $109,880
Release Date 2024

One of the hallmarks of the Model S is its range. It is renowned for its powerful battery pack and efficient electric motors, producing up to 1,020 horsepower in the top-spec plated variant. The car can travel up to 373 miles on a single charge, making it one of the longest-range electric cars available. This means the Model S can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.98 seconds; this makes it one of the fastest-production cars in the world.

2024 Tesla Model S: Interior

The interior of the Model S is also impressive, with an updated and modern design. The car features a large touchscreen display in the centre console. This controls most of the car’s functions, including the infotainment system, climate control, and vehicle settings. The Model S can also be equipped with advanced features. However, this allows the car to drive on highways and assist the driver in various other ways.

2024 Tesla Model S: Price

The cost of a Tesla Model S can vary depending on the specific model and features chosen. The base price for the Model S Long Range is around $89,880 to $109,880. It is expected to be higher than the base Tesla Model S 2024. Here, we give you the Tesla Model S Prices in different countries.

Country Name  Price
Tesla Model S Price in the USA $89,880 to $109,880
Tesla Model S Price in UK EUR 121948.35
Tesla Model S Price in Singapore SGD 203998.99
Tesla Model S Price in Canada CA$ 204745.97
Tesla Model S Price in Australia AUD 230646.91
Tesla Model S Price in Germany  EUR 140934.49
Tesla Model S Price in Kuwait  KWD 46333.60
Tesla Model S Price in Qatar  QR 548334.60
Tesla Model S Price in Nigeria  NGN 69384432.00

2024 Tesla Model S: Release Date

The Model S is an all-electric vehicle expected to be released in various markets worldwide in the second half of 2024. The specific release dates may vary depending on the country and region. So, Visit our website for updates on the release date of this new updated sports car. Read More – Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024

2024 Model S: Engine

The Tesla Model S engine has 1020 hours of power (405 miles). It comes with a long-range Super power electric engine. The engine’s dimensional wheelbase is 116.5; its length is 197.0; its width is 78.2; its height is 56.3; passenger volume is 100 ft.; and curb weight is 4386 lb. The power train motor is very powerful. However, the front is permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 275 hp, 310 lb-ft, and the rear is induction AC, 503 hp, 53 lb-ft,98.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

2024 Tesla Model S

2024 Tesla Model S Feature

The Tesla Model S features are very special. The car-controlling process is famous around the world. Standard infotainment features include a 17-inch touchscreen, navigation, HD Radio, 22-speaker stereo, Bluetooth, five USB ports, Wi-Fi hotspot, rear seat display, and up to two wireless devices charging smartphones panoramic: other additional standard features include a sunroof, three-zone automatic climate control, and a digital instrument cluster.

2024 Tesla Model S Battery

Tesla Model S comes with the base version’s battery, providing up to 405 miles of range, while the Plaid model offers up to 396. The Lucid Air is the current high-water mark with its 517-mile estimate. The Tesla Model S’s maximum capacity is the shortest at 318 miles. However, EPA Fuel economy Combined is 97 mpg, City is 98 mpg, and Highway is 196 mpg. The engine range is 405 miles.

Overall, the cost of a Tesla Model S can be a significant investment. However, it is often considered worthwhile for those who prioritize performance, range, and advanced features in a luxury electric car.

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